Benefits & Features


We created a tiered-pricing model because most stores send feeds to somewhere between 3 and 6 comparison shopping engines or affiliate networks. You can have as many feeds as you like, and you don't have to pay for extra services you aren't using.

  • Economic tiered-pricing means you only pay for data feeds you're using.
  • Custom data adjustments are supported - many for no charge.
  • No long-term committments or contracts required.
  • Free help for Comparison Shopping Engine account setup.
  • The Wizards will troubleshoot your feeds if needed - no extra charge.


The Feed Wizards are lightning quick. If you don't want to use our self-serve dashboard to sign up and add your feeds, our staff is always here to help set up and optimize your data feed service at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

  • Most Data feeds established within a day.
  • Need More Feeds? Add feeds quickly, easily, and affordably through our easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Need a custom adjustment? The Feed Wizards are ready to help NOW.
  • Save time. The Feed Wizards will help you adjust the settings on your various Comparison Shopping Engine accounts to receive your automated data feed.


The Feed Wizards are here to help with any custom data formatting or data manipulation. We offer a do-it-yourself interface as well as FREE customer assistance by our expert staff.

  • For any feed, we can include certain products based on your criteria and rules. Custom rules are not a problem for the Wizards!
  • We will make a NEW custom data feed if you have special data formatting needs.
  • Add or remove data feeds at any time. No contracts or minimum time committments required.
  • Feed Editing - Block non-performing items from any feed.
  • Feed Optimizing - Tailor your data, even data in custom properties.


The Feed Wizards provide full, redundant image hosting which means your product pictures (images, icons, insets, and custom images) are given a permanent URL which does not expire for any services that require it (search services, affiliate feeds, etc). True Image Hosting is vital for affiliate networks and search services, all of which rely on images being readily available.

  • Permanent image URLS.
  • Reduce "image not available" errors.
  • Easy access to full or compressed image files for marketing or archival use.


The Feed Wizards have been doing feeds for Turbify!, Shopify, and BigCommerce for 20 years. We were there back in the old days of "Froogle" having developed the familiar "Froogle Feeder." Today we have numerous data feed formats, all of which are available to stores using any level of the Feed Wizards service.


Let the Feed Wizards help you get the most out of your data feeds with custom, rules-based logic. Integration with Yahoo Web Analytics, and the Wizards will develop a performance-based inclusion/suppression system. That means you can automatically exclude items from a feed if they're not giving you the profitable return you're expecting! Want to exclude certain items based on a special custom rule? No problem. The Wizards will help you set up a rule for any of your feeds.


The Feed Wizards offer a full ONE MONTH trial which includes setup. We also include assistance with your Comparison Shopping Engine accounts to make them ready to receive your automated product feeds... all part of our free trial!

  • Trial is a real look at our data feed program with all features and functions available.
  • We will set up your data feed service and help you with your Comparison Shopping Engine accounts from day one.
  • Do it yourself interface PLUS full customer service from our expert staff, even during the trial period.

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